Monastery Bukovo

The Monastery of Bukovo is located on the viewpoint above city Negotin surrounded by vineyards. The popularity of the monastery, in addition to the attractive location and top hospitality, is coming in recent years from a wide range of products that themselves are placing. Black muscadine as a rarity in the offer in this region comes from monastery vineyards, as well as one of the best Cabernet in this part of Europe. Monastery's special "Bukovska" as an alcoholic beverage can now be ordered in all the better restaurants in Serbia. The organic honey and the range of medicinal herbs only round this original high quality offer. For smaller groups and depending on the obligations of the monastery, it is possible to arrange wine and brandy tasting at the monastery.

Hydroelectric power plant Đerdap 1

Visit to the largest hydroelectric power plant on the Danube river in a period of 60 minutes. After 8 years of building the joint forces of Romania and Yugoslavia in 1972, receives the largest hydro-power plants in the world. In addition to the tour of the machine hall, it also passes above the canal of the shaft, which transfers ships from one lake to another with a height difference of 25 meters. The facility that generates one fifth of the total electricity in Serbia has been in the process of revitalization for 4 years, making this tour much more attractive. Distance from hotel Đerdap is 8km.

Rajačke pimnice

Rajačke pimnice are located on a hill next to the village of Rajac, not far from Negotin. It is a quite little village made up of traditional stone houses and is unique in that, although resembling the village, no one lives in them throughout the year and serves exclusively for the production and preservation of wines. Each house presents a wine cellar, whose owners live in the village of Rajac. At the time when the phylloxera decimated vineyards across Europe, Negotin's vineyards were spared by this disaster, and for years on the best wines from Rajac were exported to France. For groups of more than 20 people, we can organize lunch at the winery - the famous "Rajački voz" with all inclusive consumption of wines and local brandy.

A tour to Romania

A tour of the neighboring Romanian city - Drobeta Turn Severin. Architectural attractions of Turn Severin are the heritage of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which this city was the last southeast border. A beautiful building Ophera from white marble, a city square with one of the largest Orthodox churches in the surrounding area, a water tower with a viewpoint offering a view of both the city and the Danube Museum on the very shore, are the sights that is worth to take time for the whole pre-noon hours.